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Technologies change policies, institutions and force them to rethink their relationship to the citizen .

We are a compact Civic Tech Organisation, which hosts a Multi-Disciplinary team of Designers, Developers, Engineers, and Technical specialists.
We aim to enhance the relationship between the Government and the citizen through popular participation, as well as improve the synergy between Organisations, Government establishments, businesses and the local Communities.

We are Passionate about Citizens Advocacy, Citizens Engagement and also the application of Emerging Technology to broaden and improve transparency and Citizen Participation in the political space.

Our passions mostly revolve about Emerging Tech trends in  Blockchain, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Environmental Sustainability, ICT4D,

We consistently watch out for ways the intelligent application of emerging technology can be used to enhance Good Governance, transparency and citizen participation in the Political Space as well as improve Healthcare, Transportation, Finance and Education.

And oh yes.... lets have fun while at it

Cookiee Group Co Founder

After a few years spent in the private sector and a few in the public sector, particularly in the Tech Project Management , Environmental Consultancy Projects, ICT Projects/Training, Project Monitoring and Evaluation and Public Private Partnerships, The Cookiee Group Co Founder, decided to adopt this path

Intrinsically Curious about digital transformation/adoption in the world, and in Africa and Nigeria, he is also particularly interested in the Civic Tech and emerging tech trend in Nigeria.
The development of citizen participation in the public debate is growing thanks in part to digital communication tools and their influence on public and private organizations.

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