Cookiee provides consultancy services to organisations wishing to harness Emerging Tech in order to support community engagement and Citizen advocacy.

Do you want to integrate Emerging Tech into your work?

Capacity Building

We deliver bespoke training packages - for organisations and community groups - in certain aspects of Emerging Tech, project development and implementation.  Our team of experienced project managers and trainers will design and implement a tailored programme, ensuring you have the best training in Emerging Tech, available anywhere in the world.

For more information download our capacity-building brochure.

Are you looking to strengthen feedback loops and enhance learning

Monitoring & Evaluation

We are the pioneers of a range of participatory approaches to monitoring and evaluation, of projects and programmes, including the groundbreaking synthesis of Emerging Tech and the Most Significant Change techniques. Cookiee multi-disciplinary team are available to undertake evaluations of your existing projects, and/or provide your staff with training in these unique approaches to beneficiary-led M&E.

Do you need facilitators to deliver a project for you?

Project Delivery

We will co-design and deliver Participatory Video processes with your target community / group. We help you reach out beyond formal workshops to involve the most marginalised and rarely heard groups and bring together different stakeholders to address critical problems in new ways. From community needs assessments to advocacy and Rights-Based Approaches, our team of facilitators have experience of leading Participatory Video projects in many different contexts and countries.


Are you a facilitator looking for support & mentoring?

Professional Development and Online Facillitating

Our team of experienced facilitators and project managers are available to support individuals and organisations currently using Participatory Video as a community development tool. We can help improve and broaden the scope of your work so that you can achieve even greater impacts.


How can your stakeholders help you design more appropriate and sustainable programmes?

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a creative (human centered) approach to problem solving which starts with the people you are designing for and ends with radical new solutions.  These are then developed and tested in the target community and with other key stakeholders.  The Cookiee Group have developed a unique social innovation process which puts the intended beneficiaries in the driving seat.  We can work directly with your primary stakeholders or train your teams to adopt an 'innovation culture'. By engaging your wider ecosystem in the design process, we reduce the risk of failure and ensure better and more adapted programme design with strong local support.

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